Mlesna Ice Wine Tea 50g - 10 flavoured tea bags (Black Tea)


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Mlesna Ice Wine Tea 50g Tea - Pure Ceylon Black Tea

Strong Brew, Superior quality, Luxury tea bags

Ceylon Gold is a selection of superior quality teas from the Dimbula and Maskeliya Valleys, blended to perfection by our Tea Tasters to give you a rich, flavoury, aromatic, quality cup of invigorating tea. Flavour sealed for Freshness and Quality.
Single Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Tea Type: Black

1 tea bag: 1 cup (220ml water)
Brewing Time: 2 Minutes
Temperature: 100 degrees
Net Weight: 50g (25 tea bags)
Packed Date: 23/04/2021
Expiry Date: 30/05/2024

Serve with milk or a slice of lemon, with sugar or honey to taste, if desired.

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