Brilon Organic FBOP Loose Tea 50g


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Brilon Organic FBOP Loose Tea 50g

Rich & Aromatic, Loose Leaf Tea Finest Black Tea Brew Hot, FBOP Grade

This wonderful organic loose leaf tea is FBOP graded and has all the well-loved characteristics expected from Ceylon teas. Enjoy a full-bodied flavour unique to the region.

A wonderful alternative to a breakfast or afternoon tea, it can be enjoyed with sugar to suit your preferences. 

Brilon tea in the Nilmini Estate was founded in 1999, originally offering manually produced organic black tea. Ahinsa means 'non-violent' and they produce tea in a way that respects humans, animals, plants and the environment. Today the Nilmini Estate produces a wide range of organic teas, including this exquisite organic black tea. 

Ingredients: Organic Ceylon black tea


Single Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Tea Type: Organic Black
1 Tea Spoon: 1 cup (200ml water)
Brewing Time: 3-4 Minutes
Temperature: 100 degrees
Net Weight: 50g Loose Tea
Packed Date: 08/2020
Expiry: 08/2022

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